How Athlete Works

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Step 1

Install Athlete from the Shopify Store

Athlete won’t fetch any orders from Etsy until it is connected to your Etsy shop.

Shopify installation dialogue for Athlete permissions

Step 2

Connect Athlete to your Etsy Shop

Click “Connect Etsy Shop” to authorize Athlete for Etsy access. This will take you through to Etsy’s app approval flow.

Athlete will now fetch orders from Etsy, but will not load them onto Shopify until you enable order syncing.

Athlete interface showing a prompt to connect your Etsy store.

Step 3

Enable order sync

Click “Enable Order Syncing”.

Athlete will load all open and future Etsy orders to Shopify.

Athlete interface showing a connect Etsy account and a number of open orders, with the option to enable order sync