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How to write brilliant Etsy product descriptions

Attract customers with compelling Etsy product descriptions. Discover effective techniques for writing captivating descriptions effortlessly. Start today!

When you read your Etsy product descriptions do you think “wow, those are awesome, well done me!” or “meh, I can do better”? 

If you’re not a natural writer, product descriptions on your Etsy listings can be a daunting task. They can be time-consuming and a bit boring to do, so often little thought goes into writing them, resulting in visitors not coming to your store. Etsy has shown time and time again that a well-written, fully-optimised product description can help your shop to grow. 🚀  Not only do they draw in potential customers, but they also help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). 

Need inspiration for writing awesome Etsy product descriptions? Keep reading… 

1. Think about your brand tone of voice 🗣

You might be tempted to look at what others are doing and simply copy them, but our advice is to find your own brand voice. Are your products fun and silly? Then reflect that in your listing descriptions. Or perhaps your shop is more serious and formal; if so, create a more thoughtful voice. 

Putting more of your brand’s personality into your descriptions gives information to your shop visitors. If you don’t know where to start, think about online shops that you enjoy visiting – what are their brand voices like? 

2. Get into the detail 💬

E-commerce sellers know (thanks to the number of questions in their inbox) that not every customer reads the full product descriptions! However, many do. To convert a visitor into a customer, the key is to provide as much detail as possible, to help them make a decision. The more detail you include, the better – it’s also great for your shop’s SEO too. 

3. What information do YOU like to know? 💭

If you’re an online seller only, your customers can’t pop by a physical shop to pick up and touch your products. Your descriptions, coupled with high-quality photos, need to give visitors as much information about what they are purchasing as possible. So think about what information you look for when you shop online. 

After reading your descriptions, visitors should be left with no doubt about what they are buying. Do your current product descriptions deliver? If not, and you need a helping hand, consider working with a freelance e-commerce copywriter.

4. Use short paragraphs and lists where possible 📝

Detail is important – but nobody wants to read blocks and blocks of unbroken text! By dividing each of your descriptions up, readers can quickly scan through easily and pick out the keywords that they are looking for and that will more likely result in a purchase.

5. Proofread (again and again!) 👀

Everyone should proofread their Etsy product descriptions more than once, even if you are a natural writer. Errors can occur and it’s better to catch them before publishing, as some visitors to your store will view spelling mistakes and grammatical errors as unprofessional. 

If you are not a natural when it comes to spelling and grammar, enlist the help of a friend or family member who has a way with words to proofread your efforts. 

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