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Shopify makes it easier to sell products in social bios

Learn about Shopify's latest tool, Linkpop, for optimizing your bio link. Enhance your social media presence and drive traffic to your Shopify store effortlessly.

Image credit: Shopify

Shopify has ventured into the word of ‘link in bio’ with an announcement about their latest tool. The company's new Linkpop tool offers multiple links to popular social media services and aims to boost merchants’ social sales. 

"When you’re only sharing one link at a time with your audience, they’re missing out on all that and will have difficulty following you across all the platforms you operate on," Shopify says. "That’s the beauty of a link in bio page. It’s a place where your audience and customers can find you, every place you are."

Image credit: Shopify

The tool allows merchants to sell products directly from their link in bio page, serving as a branded in-app and social media storefront. Merchants can set up an account, link it to their Shopify store and start adding shoppable links to the page. The tool also allows them to add links to websites, articles, videos, playlists and more. All shoppable links will automatically sync with a merchant’s product catalogue and feature all of the details that a customer will need before making a purchase. Once a merchant sets up an account, they can share up to 200 links on their Linkpop.

The tool could prove hugely popular with merchants, as the integration between Linkpop and Shopify is really simple and the service is free (albeit with more limited features than some paid plans). 

If you use social media to promote your store, chances are you already know the benefits that using a link in bio tool can bring. Let us know via Twitter if you’re keen to give Linkpop a try for your store’s social promotion. 

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