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2023 Valentine's Day Trends: Top Etsy Seller Tips

Maximize sales with Etsy’s Valentine’s Day trends. Launch your campaign and tap into 2023’s top consumer preferences. Shop smart, sell more.

Valentine's Day trends for Etsy sellers

As the Christmas period comes to an end, both shoppers and Etsy sellers alike turn their attention to the next big seasonal event: Valentine’s Day (14th February). For shoppers, it is a chance to gift personalised items to their nearest and dearest – for Etsy sellers, it’s a terrific sales opportunity. 

Valentine’s Day spending in 2023 is expected to reach $23.9 billion on Valentine's Day, up 9.63% from last year.

These Valentine’s Day shopping trends and top tips will help Etsy sellers to make the most of the first big sales opportunity of the year.

Valentine's Day on Etsy: A special occasion opportunity 

Etsy sellers, it is time to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. They have many relationships that might warrant a gift this Valentine’s. Significant others aren’t the only ones getting special gifts; whether it’s friends, kids, pets or even self-gifting, your customers are no longer just looking for that one present for their closest loved one. 

According to Etsy’s own Marketplace Insights 2023 data, ‘Valentine day gift’ was a top search among male shoppers in early 2022. Expect similar for 2023. 

Etsy data suggests that many Valentine's Day shoppers will opt for "simplified romance" this year, with an increase in classic jewellery and meaningful DIY keepsakes. There has been a 30% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “chrome heart ring”, for example.

However, for customers who prefer to go all-out for Valentine's, consider offering items that cater to a maximalist colour palette, including neon pinks, deep lavenders, sunflower yellows, and iridescent tones.

Valentine’s Day last-minute gifts 

Research shows that online searches for Valentine’s Day on Etsy typically increase in late December, steadily rising until the day arrives – with a peak in late January/early February. So keep this in mind when stocking and marketing your products. However, many shoppers wait until early- or mid-February to actually purchase gifts. As an Etsy seller, make it as easy as possible for shoppers who like to buy their gifts last minute. Consider ‘print at home’ cards and downloadable artwork as options for your shop.

It’s all about YOU

Personalisation and custom-made keepsakes have steadily become one of the most popular searches on Etsy at Valentine’s, and this year is unlikely to be any different. When adding new products to your Etsy shop, make sure you include the term "personalised" in your listings if you’re able to offer it. It is one of the most effective ways of converting search into sales on Etsy in the weeks running up to Valentine’s. 

Something a little different

Etsy shoppers are likely to be searching for something a little different this year. Think unusual, quirky and tongue-in-cheek. 

Think of the singles 

There’s been a huge shift toward celebrating platonic relationships on Valentine’s Day. Greeting cards for coworkers, housemates and single friends are on the rise. When working on your Etsy Valentine’s campaign, consider those not in a relationship and try to adapt your products to fit as many shoppers as possible. 

Top tips for preparing for Valentine’s Day on Etsy 

Offer an extra Valentine’s discount on Etsy

Motivate your customers to buy from your Etsy shop with an additional discount. Etsy tends to favour shops that offer an incentive for seasonal events such as Valentine’s and for the most part, it’s really easy to set up. You can either offer a special discount on specific products or collections, or you can offer a shop wide discount for all purchases. Typically discounts range from 10-30 per cent off. 

Create a special Valentine’s collection on your Etsy shop 

Your experience as an Etsy seller so far probably tells you that customers like you to make life easier for them. By creating targeted gift collections such as ‘valentine’s gifts for her’ or ‘Valentine’s presents for him’, you are doing exactly that. 

To help get you started, here are 10 of the most popular search terms for Etsy shoppers in the run-up to Valentine’s Day: 

  • valentine’s gift 
  • Valentine’s
  • valentine’s love
  • valentine’s decor 
  • valentine’s day gift for him 
  • valentine’s kids 
  • valentine’s gift personalized 
  • valentine’s card 
  • valentine’s day decor 
  • valentine’s day

Make them swoon 

Don’t leave it up to your customers’ imaginations – highlight gift potential by showing shoppers how your products can make great gifts. High-quality photos go a long way to emphasising your item’s quality as a Valentine’s gift too. 

Use recipient keywords 

Always put important recipient keywords in your listings titles and tags. Think beyond ‘husband’ or ‘girlfriend’ and include friends, workmates and pets, for example.

Put the spotlight on key products 

Highlight your bestsellers or brand new designs – add them to your Featured Listings section on your Etsy shop to point buyers to the right place when they are searching for Valentine’s gifts. 

How to offer personalisation on Etsy

Simply toggle ‘Personalisation’ on when editing or creating a listing, leave instructions for shoppers and they’ll be required to add their personalisation details. Use bulk edit to enable personalisation for multiple listings at once.

Is your Etsy store ready for the year’s first major shopping event? Put these tips and trends into action and make the most of Valentine’s Day as an Etsy seller! 

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