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How to increase sales this Mother's Day for your Shopify store [2023]

We share some top (and proven) tips for increasing your online Shopify sales in the run-up to Mother's Day.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Mother’s Day 2023 in the UK takes place on Sunday 19th March, while Mother’s Day in the US falls on Sunday 14th May. As a Shopify store owner, are you ready to capitalise on this opportunity?

If data from previous years is anything to go by, the vast majority of consumers celebrate Mother's Day (it was 84% last year). As an e-commerce seller, Mother’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to increase your sales; to do this, you need to make shopping on your Shopify site a great experience for potential buyers. 

So, how can you increase sales for Mother’s Day and really get the most out of this marketing opportunity? 

You need to start preparing your online store, consider what types of discounts you’re happy to offer and run campaigns that encourage online shoppers to come directly to your store, rather than opting for a visit to your competitors. 

What are the most popular purchases for Mother's Day gifts on Shopify? 

  • Greeting cards 
  • Flowers
  • Jewellery 
  • Perfume 
  • Special experiences – spas, weekend trips etc.
  • Clothing
  • Accessories or sentimental gifts
  • Personal services
  • Electronics
  • Houseware
  • Books
  • Gift cards
  • Gardening tools

When should you start promoting Mother's Day on your Shopify store? 

Shoppers love to leave purchasing to the last minute, but it’s best practice to start your Mother’s Day promotion three-four weeks in advance of the big day. This is enough time to give your customers to decide on the gift and takes into account delivery times. By giving yourself a month, you can make sure you’re well stocked up with products and are better able to prepare a marketing strategy. 

6 ways to increase your Shopify sales in the run-up to Mother's Day 

1. Create a Mother's Day gift guide 

A gift guide is a proven way to showcase your products and bring in new customers. They are particularly useful for shoppers who don’t know what to buy their mom. If you have a large selection of gifts for shoppers to choose from, create a series of guides that will grab their attention. We’re big fans of making the most of seasonal events here at Athlete, so you should also consider writing a blog post for your Shopify store about Mother’s Day using relevant keywords and create product collections that are relevant to the event. 

2. Offer free shipping – and fast delivery 

Free shipping remains one of the top reasons shoppers convert. It is that little extra that makes them think ‘oh, go on then, I’ll add to cart’. Research also shows that by offering free delivery, the vast majority of shoppers end up making extra purchases, so if you’re able to, offer free shipping – even if it’s for a limited time in the run-up to Mother’s Day. Make sure you promote your free shipping offer by adding a banner to your Shopify homepage to attract attention. 

Last-minute shoppers also look for fast delivery, so make sure you have a good process in place to get their orders to them as soon as possible after ordering!

3. Run a sale or Mother's Day promotion

Online shoppers have come to expect special offers for seasonal events, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day – and Mother’s Day is no different. One of the easiest ways to increase your Mother’s Day sales is to run a promotion to encourage orders. Simply set up a coupon or discount code in your Shopify dashboard and set the dates you’d like it to run. Shopify allows for different types of promotions and discounts to be set up, such as:

  • Percentage discount
  • Free shipping
  • Free gift with a product
  • Fixed amount discount

By running a Shopify promotion for Mother’s Day, you have a greater chance of generating more sales. 

4. Send email marketing campaigns 

Email marketing campaigns are another chance to further increase your sales. According to reports, with these types of campaigns you get $42 for every $1 spent. So if you don’t usually run email marketing campaigns, why not use Mother’s Day to give them a try? 

Our advice is to send out Mother’s Day promotional emails well in advance of the day, as it will give shoppers the chance to consider what gift they are going to buy. 

Top tips for email marketing campaigns for Mother’s Day: 

  • Personalise your emails 
  • Write catchy subject lines 
  • Offer gift advice
  • Use authentic images 
  • Focus on the benefits your products will give

5. Sell gift cards 

Gifts cards for Mother’s Day remain hugely popular. They are a great last-minute purchase and work well for those moms who have everything. Make sure you offer gift cards on your Shopify store to ensure you pick up these types of purchases. 

6. Upselling 

Once your customer has added an item to their cart, you can decide to either let them continue with the checkout process or offer them something else. Upselling encourages shoppers to buy more products at a higher price – and it works. In the run-up to Mother’s Day, incorporate upselling as some customers may be looking to give as much as they can to the #1 woman in their lives. 

Girl handing woman a gift
Is your Shopify store ready for Mother's Day?

Ready to make this your best Mother's Day on Shopify yet? 

As an e-commerce seller, you have to make the most of Mother’s Day, one of the biggest money-spending events of the year. Give yourself enough time to make plans for how to make this your most profitable Mother’s Day yet and use the occasion as an opportunity to bring in new customers. 

Good luck – and share your Mother’s Day bestsellers with us over @SellWithAthlete

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