A Shopify app for syncing Etsy orders.

Athlete vs shopUpz: How do these Etsy integrations compare?

As your e-commerce business grows, you need the best tools available to grow with it. If you're looking for Etsy integration alternatives to shopUpz, we've got you covered.

Athlete vs. shopUpz comparison

Choosing an Etsy integration provider for your e-commerce business can be a challenge. 

That's especially true when you consider how many Etsy integration options you might come across as your business grows. 

In this article, we’re looking at the differences between Athlete's Etsy Order Sync and shopUpz’s Etsy Inventory Integration apps. 

Pricing: How much can you expect to spend?


Athlete offers a 14-day free trial, after which you will pay a monthly flat-rate price of $34.99. For this, you can expect: 

✅  Etsy orders and customers loaded to Shopify
✅  Process orders in Etsy or Shopify – and both are kept updated
✅  Up to 30,000 orders a month

So why is a flat-rate price better for e-commerce business owners?

No surprises – if you’re running a small business where budgets are tight, it’s important to know what costs are going out every month. When you download Athlete for your Etsy order syncing, you are fixed to that monthly fee, every month. 

Is your store getting busier in the run-up to a seasonal event, such as Valentine’s? No worries! With Athlete’s fixed price, it doesn’t matter if you do 100 orders or 10,000 – the amount you pay for the app will stay the same. 


shopUpz also gives users a 14-day free trial and users can opt for one of three package options: basic, professional and VIP, with prices ranging from $19 to $49 per month. So how many Etsy order syncs do those packages provide?

  • Basic – 4000 Etsy orders
  • Professional – 8000 Etsy orders
  • VIP – 20000 Etsy orders

If your business is growing quickly, or you’re experiencing an increase in orders due to a shop sale or special event, chances are you will have to change your package to ensure the app will sync all your orders without any issues. 

Winner: Athlete 🥇

Features: What do these Etsy integrations apps offer? 

What Athlete does:

  • Integrates with Etsy to sync orders and customer details. And there is very little waiting – Etsy orders are loaded into Shopify within 21 seconds.
  • Allows you to ship orders from either Etsy and Shopify and the other will be updated instantly. 
  • Handles loads of edge cases such as upgraded shipping, tax and personalisation notes. At scale, these details matter so you can process your orders efficiently, making it more likely that your customers will be happy. 
  • Gives you a full view of what’s happening with your orders on its dashboard. You can see any errors instantly, rather than being left wondering why something hasn’t updated.
  • Works within the Shopify admin and within the Shopify mobile app. So even if you are on the move, it’s really easy to access. 
  • Scales with your business as it grows and won’t need replacing. As your business grows, Athlete is right there alongside it. 

What Athlete doesn't do: 

Athlete does not sync listings. Why? Because the team behind Athlete know e-commerce and they know that syncing listings properly is too complicated to automate versus a human doing it. As you’re growing your business, you are likely to change your listings regularly – be it pricing, images or descriptions – to find what works best for you and your customers. In all of these cases, it is extremely difficult to automate without many errors. By maintaining listings yourself, you can be sure that they're optimised for Etsy.

What shopUpz does: 

  • Export listings to Etsy
  • Etsy inventory sync
  • Sync Etsy orders and fulfillment 

shopUpzs ‘real time inventory quantity sync’ will take up to 15 minutes to update on both Etsy and Shopify. This delay in data can happen when a new order is submitted, cancelled and even on manual inventory update. At busy times, this could slow down your progress of fulfilling orders, especially if you’re running low on stock. 

Winner: Athlete 🥇

If you’re specifically looking for Etsy order integration, choose Athlete. 

Athlete: The Etsy order integration app you didn't know you needed 

How Athlete beats the competition

  1. Saves time – no more switching between Etsy and Shopify, looking for orders 
  2. Transparent pricing – Clear pricing is a must-have for growing businesses, and with Athlete, all costs are listed upfront, with no cheeky hidden charges 
  3. Quick – Etsy orders are loaded to Shopify within seconds
  4. Precise – Athlete can handle shipping upgrades, payments and discounts with ease, meaning you don’t have to think about them! 
  5. Friendly customer service that actually helps – the team at Athlete is happy to answer any questions you might have about the app, or even if you’re just starting out on Etsy and need some guidance 

Athlete: The best shopUpz alternative for Etsy order syncing

We’re not meaning to brag or anything, but if you’re looking for an Etsy order syncing app, Athlete is the clear winner in this comparison. Our clear pricing works specifically for e-commerce businesses and offers the transparency and scalability necessary for a growing business. So say goodbye to slower integration apps that just don’t cut it and say hello to your quick, fully-functioning Etsy order syncing app! 👋

For an Etsy integration app that really works, try Athlete today with a free 14-day trial. 🎉

Athlete loads your Etsy orders to your Shopify store, so you can manage them in one place.